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Get 100% independent, expert-level consulting advice for secure, cost-efficient use and integration of public and hybrid cloud platforms. Whether you need to host a simple web site or transition a mission-critical application, we can help select, design, build, configure, integrate, and maintain your software application in a third-party cloud environment.

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Mims Innovations provides Cloud Computing Consulting services to help organizations realize maximal benefit from third-party cloud architectures. One of our core specialties is helping organizations with specific sensitivity and compliance issues (such as healthcare and banking) effectively and safely make full use of public cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure.

The technical benefits and cost savings for fully embracing the cloud can be enormous for organizations of all sizes. By utilizing pay-as-you-go computing services organizations can avoid or dramatically reduce costs for servers, data center equipment, co-location facilities, physical security, and support staff. By operating in a massive scale virtualized platform, applications and services can be scaled up or down manually or even automatically, allowing superior performance without paying for any wasted resources.

All of this technology comes with a fairly steep learning curve that varies from platform to platform. Some platforms allow a fairly unsophisticated user to spin up instances and store data using a point and click console, while other platforms require custom source code (software) to be written, compiled, and pushed into the environment in order to use cloud resources. Whether you need to move a suite of mission-critical applications housing sensitive data or you simply need to host a web site, Mims Innovations Cloud Consulting services can help you make the right choices the first time.

Cloud platforms are extremely safe and reliable, but only if the server instances and applications are set up and maintained correctly. Because cloud instance servers are built upon shared virtual resources a simple click can permanently erase a group full of servers and destroy years of data. Additionally, many public cloud service providers utilize complex SLAs that only guarantee uptime when specific features are used such as cross-regional replication and multiple stateless instance operation. It is imperative that applications be designed for the architecture they will run in and that they are configured properly. Failure to do can result in poor performance at best and catastrophic failure at worst.

Specializing in Amazon Web Services® and Microsoft Windows Azure®

Mims Innovations leverages our custom software and expertise to reduce the time required to get production applications working properly in cloud environments. Many of our solutions are built upon our DS3Core™ library for advanced cloud storage and data security. This library features our proprietary Large Key Encryption (LKE™), which uses a one megabit key to quickly secure and protect large files. This proprietary technology is used in combination with industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to give organizations an edge in data security and superior peace of mind even while storing data on untrusted third-party equipment.

This same technology was used to build SimpleStoreSecure, an online secure file storage application. Mims Innovations has several other cloud storage, security, and replication products currently in development, including CloudCacheServer™, CloudReplicationServer™, Cloudorate™, and aTag™.

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