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Mims Innovations - Venture Group

Mims Venture Group is dedicated to advancing software and automation technology in two distinct fields:

  • Data Storage/Information Security/Cloud Computing
  • Internet Marketing/eCommerce Automation.

The venture group supports three primary ventures in these areas:

Reliable Data Security on Cloud Platforms

Data Security Storage Solutions Consulting (DS3C) helps organizations leverage the massive power and scalability of well-known cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Windows Azure for solutions and applications involving sensitive information.

While more and more companies are turning to the Cloud to host their external applications, many are still reluctant to store sensitive information on third-party storage. With ever-increasing incidents of cyber-crime, viruses, and hacking, who can blame companies for building out their own data centers to handle these needs? Unfortunately they miss out on the scalability, redundancy, and cost savings offered by ever-growing cloud providers.

DS3C has developed cutting edge security software for several popular cloud platforms that allow for fully compliant storage of even sensitive information such as electronic medical records, legal documents, or financial data. This software makes it easier to manage storage and retrieval of highly secure data. Our solutions include data retrieval tagging, in-transit/at-rest encryption, key management, caching and replication, email integration, advanced authenication systems.

Learn more about DS3C and our Cloud Computing Consulting Services.

Digital Marketing Automation Software

Advantin Software provides custom and off-the-shelf software solutions to automate and optimize internet marketing sites and campaigns. Advantin tools include ClickTrending™ Analytics, Adization™ Custom Advertising Server, and Conversionization™ Lead Capture.

Campaigns run by Advantin are data driven, performance applications, not just electronic brochures. They adapt to customer demand and market trends, delivering superior performance. While we measure a variety of performance metrics, our ultimate goal is 100% focused on increasing revenue and decreasing costs from online sources, as well as bridging the gap between online and offline sales.

Advantin automated digital marketing software is deployed on numerous customer sites as well as dozens of our internal sites in the Mims Internet Media Sites portfolio. Since 2008 these custom solutions have been automating and customizing response to web traffic, integrating distributed data sources, and optimizing sites and campaigns for search engines and PPC providers.