Mims Innovations, Inc.

Web Presence - Internet Marketing - Management Consulting

Business Process Consulting
Mims Innovations offers speciality business and management services for those seeking to analyze, optimize, and automate business processes, management strategies, and technology implementations. We believe in business-based technology decision making. It's not a matter of what can be done with technology, but what should be done for the business.

We employ vast experience in process analysis and optimization, workflow, content and document management and overall technology management including system architecture, network and communications infrastructure, disaster recovery, and all aspects of security management.

Our principal consultants are intimately familiar with business operations in a multitude of industries and sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, consulting, retail, services, communications, energy, finance, insurance, education, non-profit, law enforcement/security, local government, defense, and federal government. Contact us now at 888-859-8179 for more information on business services.

Software & Web Application Development

At our core we're a technology company with vast skills in building enterprise web applications on both Microsoft and Linux platforms. We specialize in ASP.NET application architecture, development, integration, hosting, and maintenance. Learn more about our cloud computing consulting services.

We provide more than just turnkey custom software solutions, we also bring a wealth of business and internet knowledge to make sure your project is successful. We also have extensive libraries of internet marketing related software including analytics, ad servers, lead capture, RSS data tools, and optimization solutions from our Advantin™ line of software products that we can license and integrate into your applications to save time and money.

Call us today at 888-859-8179 for more information about custom internet software solutions and consulting services.

IT Security

Mims Innovations provides application and network security consulting, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security policy consulting, and disaster recovery planning and testing. We specialize in application security assessment and independent verification for custom web and database applications.

As with all of our services, we understand the business needs for security and are experts at balancing risk versus cost in making security and disaster recovery decisions.