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IT Project Management & Program Management

It's all too often we're called in to fix a software project nightmare caused by poor project management. We're here to straighten out those kind of messes, but we much prefer to help clients avoid ugly project failures by implementing their projects correctly from the beginning.

Some organizations seem to have a stigma against turning over their project management roles to outside consultants. We believe that if you have the right consultant, this is the perfect role for an outsider. The number one cause of project delays and failure is poor management of scope. As outsiders we provide independent analysis and rigid scope management for projects under our control. Internal project managers, especially in functional or weak matrix organizations, often cave to pressures from upper management that should not influence the performance of the project.

At Mims Innovations we approach your project or portfolio of projects with a straightforward, no-nonsense attitude. After analysis we'll explain to you our recommendations and the approach we will take to plan and execute the project according to that plan. We help you gain management buy-in for the project plan and we will hold management to that plan, while they hold us accountable for executing along the plan.

Results are the bottom line...

We get results because we have over a decade of experience successfully managing complex information technology projects, because we set clear expectations for stakeholders, and because we can identify with team members and motivate them toward success. Effective project management, especially in distributed IT environments, is about far more than Gantt charts and SWOT analysis.

IT projects are notoriously difficult to manage. Scope creep, technical problems, and lack of agreement on requirements cause organizations to lose billions of dollars on software projects that could have been avoided with proper project management. A software project manager doesn't need to write code, but it sure helps when he or she can understand the project from the team's point of view. Understanding the principles of project management is important, but understand how technology is built is even more critical for a successful project manager. Most of our project managers are PMPĀ® certified and familiar with many popular software-specific project management methodologies. The way technology comes together is not at all similar to how a building a constructed. Because the pieces come together in unique ways, it's vital that the project manager understand the work being performed so it can be managed properly.